Sunday, 30 November 2008

30th: What changed:

Tidied up some missing links and added a grouped alphabetic surname project index to aid site navigation.

In the lineage sections, the FAIRBAIRN project has had several missing links remedied, and a number of lineages added to the Wanted! section.
Ditto SINTONs.

NB if anyone is wondering whether to venture into the realm of DNA testing, now would be an excellent time as FamilyTreeDNA are offering Christmas discounts for new tests (as opposed to upgrades of existing ones).
The discounts only apply if you join via a surname project, so pick your surname of interest, and follow the Join Project links.

If you have any questions not answered by the FAQs available on the relevant project pages or at FamilyTree DNA, please don't hesitate to contact the Project Administrator, as we'd love for you to be reassured that this is a completely harmless process, and you wont have police knocking on your door because of your dna, nor any medical conditions exposed. Those are completely different, much more elaborate tests.

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