Thursday, 16 June 2016

Ancestry autosomal DNA transfers to FTDNA

This in from FamilyTreDNA

Ancestry Autosomal Transfer update:

As you may know, Ancestry has changed to a new chip for their testing, and has also recently changed the format of their autosomal raw data files. This new format is currently incompatible with our database, preventing holders of these new file types from transferring their autosomal data to us. We are working to adjust and make those files compatible with our system as soon as possible, and we have this placed at a high priority so that those Ancestry testers who have tested under their new chip may transfer to our database.

Please note that this issue only affects those who have recently tested with Ancestry- people who have tested with Ancestry prior to the recent change in their testing chip are still able to transfer.

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All who have invested in autosomal DNA testing should also consider uploading to GEDMatch (free) to maximise your investment in genetic genealogy.
GEDMatch has many wonderful tools for analysing DNA and finding matches with those who tested at other companies.
Ancestry test takers in particular may find this cartoon instructive:

Anyone concerned about privacy may be reassured by reading this:

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