Friday, 9 October 2009

9th: mtDNA pricing special offer to 31st Oct 2009

Those of you who have already tested you mitochondrial dna with Family Tree DNA should have received notification by now of a substantial price reduction to upgrade your mtDNA results.
(The full sequence mtDNA also appears to have been reduced).
The message says, in part:
A new price for the full mtDNA test will be introduced in November but until then we are offering our current customers a promotional price through October 31st, 2009:

$179 (was $410) for those who have already tested up to HVR2 (the order item is HVR2 to MEGA)
$199 (was $420) for those who have already tested HVR1 (the order item is HVR1 to MEGA)

To Order:
Log in to you personal page at

Click "Special Offers"
Select "mtHVR1toMega or mtHVR2toMEGA from the dropdown order list
Click "Continue" to proceed to the payment screen and complete your order

Orders need to placed and paid for by the end of the day, October 31st, 2009.

Depending upon the time that it takes to process these upgrade orders using our new hardware, we may experience a back order or lag time in November. If this occurs we expect to resolve the backlog in December, so to avoid any delay in attaining your results please place your order early in this sales cycle.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

8th: Links to area projects included

Links have been added for two area (rather than surname related) dna projects, those for Devon and The Border Reivers.

Check out the A-F index, projects denoting an area rather than a surname, are, unsurprisingly, shown with (Area) after the project name.

Most of the updates to the site have been project specific.
As always, check the individual surname blogs for the latest activity.