Wednesday, 24 February 2010

24th: Family Finder

Some of you may have already noticed Family Tree DNA's new product, Family Finder.
So far it doesn't appear on their main list of products, but information can be accessed via your personal pages once logged in.
They are having a special introductory offer to project administrators, which I am for of a number of projects.
So, if you want me to use my introductory offer for your existing test kit under any of the "hats" the offer has not yet been used up for, contact me via the applicable project.
Basically it means that for closer relationships, we are no longer restricted to direct paternal and maternal lines, and us females get more options from our own dna without having to find a male to test for the direct paternal line.
There's a little video clip explaining the how on the link.
Log in to your personal page and have a read.