Saturday, 2 February 2019

FTDNA Terms of use changes

I feel obliged to bring this Terms of use change at FTDNA to your attention as, disappointingly, it happened without any notification to customers.

There will be a lot of reactions, informed and un-informed, on the various boards.
Read and weigh in with your comments there.

All DNA testing exposes us to matches to "cousins" who have submitted their DNA.
"Cousins" come in many flavours: genealogists looking for validations of their family tree, people looking for their birth parents/medical history, and more recently we've begun reading about cold case Joe and Jane DOEs.

Those on our match lists have to have come from a submitted DNA Sample.
You see what they see.

I will add that none of this is easy.
It takes a lot of work to get from a match to a defined place in a previously unknown family.
We all may learn things we did not expect.

If I manage a kit for you and you have concerns, do contact me to discuss.

The actual  FTDNA Press release