Friday, 29 August 2014

Y-DNA discounted until 3 Sep 2014

This just in from FamilyTree DNA.
A good time to upgrade to Y-DNA67...

Dear Valued Customer,

We hope you've had a great summer!  As the season draws to a close, join us for one last celebration with our End of Summer Y-DNA Sale! Order a Y-DNA Test and join the world's largest Y-DNA database. All Y-DNA tests and upgrades have been marked down for significant savings! 

Time is limited. Order now because the sale ends on 9/3/2014.  

As an added bonus, Big Y is also on sale for $495*. Big Y is the most comprehensive Y chromosome discovery test on the market. With Big Y, 340,000 years of Y-DNA ancestry is just a test away!

Standard Tests Regular Price Sale Price
Y-37 $169 $129
Y-67 $268 $199
Y-111 $367 $279
Big Y $595 $495

Upgrades Regular Price Sale Price
Y-12 -> Y-37 $99 $70
Y-12 -> Y-67 $189 $148
Y-12 -> Y-111 $339 $239
Y-25 -> Y-37 $49 $35
Y-25 -> Y-67 $148 $114
Y-25 -> Y-111 $249 $209
Y-37 -> Y-67 $99 $79
Y-37 -> Y-111 $220 $179
Y-67 -> Y-111 $129 $109

Note: Only previously awarded Big Y coupons are usable with sale items.  Other offers and coupons are not valid with Y-DNA sale prices.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Ancestry DNA - lack of chromosome browser

Please support this petition to get ancestry to provide a chromosome browser with their autosomal dna tests:
Without the specifics of how well, where (which chromosome) our matches match us, and who else matches them, the money spent on a dna test on ancestry is just an expensive way to find hints to others' trees with no evidence whatsoever.
We shouldn't have to rely on (excellent) third party tools such as those at GEDMatch to get access to the useful parts of what we've paid for.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Henderson DNA

Those interested in the (very small) subset of the overall HENDERSON DNA that belongs to the family of Archibald & Margaret (McEWAN) HENDERSON, can check out the addition to the HENDERSON Lineages pages of an autosomal dna (atDNA) section.

(Remember to check specific surname project diaries in the links to the right for their progress.)

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

FTDNA postage changes

From FamilyTree DNA to group administrators:
".. As of Monday, we'll begin including domestic return postage in the cost of shipping and handling. ...  For both domestic and international shipping, the fee will now be a consistent $9.95."