Sunday 15 October 2017

Yet another MyHeritage DNA mystery

This one is another in the category of what you can't see you DO miss, ie another example of a close match reported by, in this instance, FamilyTreeDNA, and GEDMatch, but not shown on MyHeritage.

Original tests both done on FamilyTreeDNA (May 2010 and Oct 2016), both uploaded to GEDMatch and both transferred to MyHeritage.

Actual relationship 2nd cousins.

Predicted relationship 2nd to 3rd cousin sharing a total of 144cMs, largest segment 19 cMs
Looking at only those segments over 7cMs this reduces to a total of 96 cMs over 7 segments  (including a 10cMs X chromosome match)

Chromosome Start Location End Location centiMorgans (cM) # of Matching SNPs
1 90373522 107499183 14.1 4500
2 50979064 71469042 18.47 5500
3 173752942 179284891 8.02 1300
5 171792682 180625733 18.64 2613
17 74799181 78639702 8.85 1023
18 4458642 11750915 17.58 2693
X 131769934 139569333 10.25 925

One to One comparison at the default settings of 500 SNPs minimum 7cM segments
Comparing Kit A and Kit B
ChrStart LocationEnd LocationCentimorgans (cM)SNPs
Largest segment = 28.1 cM
Total of segments > 7 cM = 111.1 cM
7 matching segments
Estimated number of generations to MRCA = 3.5

672062 SNPs used for this comparison.

This maternal cousin does show up on the MyHeritage match lists for my two maternal aunts, both 
sharing 5.5%, 395cMs total, largest 63cMs, one with 14 segments, the other with 18.
But nowhere to be found on my match list, nor I on hers.

Looking at the FTDNA Chromosome Browser picture for my 2nd cousin compared to myself and the maternal aunts clearly shows at least three segments where I match at least one of the aunts (chr. 1,2,5) at which spots those matches total about 52cMs, well above what I'd consider a match from MyHeritage

Has been logged with MyHeritage Support for their scientists to take a look