Friday 21 December 2018

Haplogroup chart changes

An early Christmas present yesterday, two long awaited BigY results, one rather anxiously as we hoped that there was enough sample.

The impacted branches and surname projects are in the Recent changes list, mainly being the families of James SINTON of Abbotrule / Southdean, Roxburghshire (a second BigY result to refine his branch of the yDNA tree - see the SintonDNA project diary for specific links/info), and Joseph ROWE of Bere Ferrers, Devon (our first result for this branch, another to come).

As a result, the DNASurnames Haplogroup section has been republished, but not, as yet, the Lineages and analysis portion.
An earlier update for another of the I1 FAIRBAIRNs is included as well, but having only just finished yFull processing not yet been further analysed.