Sunday, 10 December 2017

DNASurnames - Haplogroup tree update

With a set of new BigY results in from the last sale, revisions have been made to the Haplogroup trees on DNASurnames - mainly under Fairbairn and Dawe but one or two others.

Check out the Recent changes.

Please note the trees are by no means all haplogroups, just those relevant to people of interest.
They show a position on the tree, with the profiles for the haplogroups sometimes including links to eg yFull, the BigTree, Surname projects for more info.

"Children" shown on a profile page include either more recent SNPs down that branch of the tree, or a patriarch for a tester of interest's line.
Each branch is collapsible/expandable to aid showing the relevant bits of the tree.

For ease of navigation, you can click on a chart link on the profile page, or in the little blue pedigree symbol up against the name for an overview of "ancestors" and "children".

Have you bitten the bullet and upgraded a relevant person for your surname of interest to BigY?
The sale price until the end of December is $100 off, but FTDNA have thrown in an upgrade to yDNA111 from whatever yDNA markers you already have.
Coupon codes are available each week that may sometimes be valid for BigY in addition to this.
I may have some available for suitable candidates in the projects I admin, or am interested in.