Saturday, 28 February 2015

FTDNA Project Activity Feeds

If you have tested with FamilyTreeDNA, you will have received an email recently about their new MyGroups facility.

For those projects whose administrators have converted to the new feature, there are daily discount code offers being posted on the Activity Feed.
Check them out.
The codes are valid  until used (not just for the day posted) BUT can only be used once, so first in, first served.

I am still checking through the conversions of all my projects, but think I have converted them all, even without any tidy-up of the associated information, much of which is long overdue for a revision.

To access, click on the globe in the top right of your screen
and click on a notification for the project you wish to view, or the Activity Feed if none.

Why not contribute a post or question about your dna experiences while there?

For the projects I administer the settings are that the posts are private to the group, so you must be logged in to view and to post.
If sufficient interest is shown in making them public instead, this can be changed.