Thursday 22 November 2012

Discount time again

A great time to explore suspected relationships  and to validate your paper trails.
FamilytreeDNA have announced their annual sale.

All of the projects listed above right would welcome your participation if you are a direct male line for the surnames concerned, or can find someone who is for the family you want to explore.
We prefer Y-DNA67 tests to explore closeness of relationships, but for initial exploration of matches, Y-DNA37 is a good starting point.

Should you feel left out by this exclusivity, there are other tests that may be of relevance for what you are trying to prove.
Exploring/looking for relations in the closer generations, no more than 6, preferably fewer?
Try Family Finder, for males or females, using autosomal dna inherited, randomly, from all of your direct ancestors - but you wont know which bit came from which one without more tests from known relations.
mtDNA for exploring direct maternal lines, either sex can test, but the slow mutation rates make this of more limited usefulness for determining how closely matches match.

To order any of the new kits, go to your project of choice either by finding the ones above in the DNASurnames index, or by searching within the FamilyTree DNA database.

If aleady a participant, log in and order any of the upgrades shown below.

New Kits Current Project Price SALE PRICE (US$)
Y-DNA 37 $169 $119
Y-DNA 67 $268 $199
mtDNAPlus $159 $139
mtFullSequence (FMS) $299 $199
SuperDNA (Y-DNA 67 and mtFullSequence) $548 $398
Family Finder $289 $199
Family Finder + mtDNAPlus $438 $318
Family Finder + mtFullSequence $559 $398
Family Finder + Y-DNA 37 $438 $318
Comprehensive (FF + FMS + Y-67) $837 $597
Upgrades Current Price SALE PRICE
Y-Refine 12-25 Marker $59 $35
Y-Refine 12-37 Marker $109 $69
Y-Refine 12-67 Marker $199 $148
Y-Refine 25-37 Marker $59 $35
Y-Refine 25-67 Marker $159 $114
Y-Refine 37-67 Marker $109 $79
Y-Refine 37-111 Marker $220 $188
Y-Refine 67-111 Marker $129 $109
mtHVR1toMega $269 $179
mtHVR2toMega $239 $179
mtFullSequence Add-on $289 $199
To order this special offer, log in to your personal page and click on the Order An Upgrade button in the upper right corner. A link to the login page is provided below. ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED AND PAID FOR BY MONDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2012 11:59:00 PM CST TO RECEIVE THE SALE PRICES.
Log In to Order an Upgrade.
As always, we appreciate your continued support.
Family Tree DNA
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Sunday 4 November 2012


Remember to check out the Recent changes in case changes aren't listed here.
Those for the FAMILTON related lineages are a few date tweaks.
Those listed for the HENDERSONs are the inclusion of Jean OSWALL of Stirling, the most distant maternal ancestor of Margaret McEWAN, wife of Archibald HENDERSON, a descendant of whom (Margaret's, not Archibald's!) has just had results in for their mtDNA - Hapologroup W.

A few other pages have had small revisions, eg DAWE and RICHARDSON, both being additional links to other pages with more information, particularly for lines not as yet represented in DNA projects, but Wanted!

Also check out the individual project diaries as appropriate (rhs links) for more project specific  activity.
The FAIRBAIRN project now has 52 participants, and the RUNCIMAN one has had a new result in recently.

The general links (bottom rhs of each lineage page), have also had a tidy-up, eg replacing the defunct dnaforums.