Tuesday, 14 January 2014


The maternal haplogroup chart has been updated to include a branch for T2e - mainly because my own 2*great grandmother (Amelia MILLAR)'s direct maternal descendant's full results have arrived.
A quick web search indicates that this is unlikely to help me break through that particular brick wall in a hurry.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Are you getting the most out of your investment?

Here's what looks like another fantastic tool (Autosomal DNA Analyser) to help you explore your matches.
Roberta has written up some great instructions on her DNA Explained blog.
There goes what I was set to do today!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Learn more

Remember that FamilyTree DNA has a useful Forum.
Do register and check for interesting discussions and announcements.
In the Announcements section, Rebekah Canada (Web Presence and Customer Engagement, Family Tree DNA) has just posted the schedule for Live DNA Webinars from FTDNA in January, along with links to on demand Webinars already available.

Check out what's there at the above Forum link.
Given their recent launch of X chromosome features the one on X Chromosome Matches may be a hot favourite.
Others cover managing your personal account, and explaining your results (part 3 on FamilyFinder) and many more from DNA basics to advanced topics, I quote, "about the genetics and usage of Y-DNA testing. We will cover the following topics: NIST standards, compound markers, palindromic & multi-copy markers, genetic distance models, modal values & triangulation, micro-alleles, recurrent SNPs & SNP discovery projects."

Friday, 3 January 2014

Family Tree DNA X matches

Have you done a FamilyFinder test with Family Tree DNA?
If so, this post from CeCe Moore's blog may be of interest as FTDNA have released a set of new tools for exploring your X chromosome matches.
Your download matches from the Chromosome Browser now contain a chr. 98, FamilyTree DNA's name for your X chromosome data.

Haven't had too much time to experiment as yet, but the "match" criteria seems to be lower than the default setting on GedMatch.

Remember that if you have a tree on WikiTree you can easily see who you contributed to your X chromosome.
Log in, select the person of interest and click on DNA in the menu.

Under each person are several symbols which indicate the type of dna the person has

Y (males only, inherited from their father, and passed on to sons), X for all of us, but for your ancestors, X will only show under those who contributed to the root person's X chromosome, mt for us all, but only inherited from your mother (and passed on by daughters), au for automsomal dna, inherited from all of your ancestors, but significant amounts really only detectable for dna matches back to your ancestors 4-6 generations away.

If you click on an ancestor's Y, mt, au or X symbol as you will be sent to the section of the page dealing with who contributed to the X chromosome of the person concerned, remember to scroll up to see the pedigree again.