Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Y-DNA12 success story

As a project administrator of several Y-DNA Surname projects, whilst welcoming their interest in at least beginning the fun of testing and exploring the history locked inside ourselves, I admit to inwardly groaning when someone who has only tested Y-DNA12 joins.

So although any price reduction is great, the recent drop in prices for the Y-DNA12 tests were met with another inward groan that more time would need to be spent convincing people to upgrade to at least Y-DNA37 IF their interest is in genealogical time frames.

That said, I did actively promote this price reduction to someone who had been teetering over whether or not dna testing was for him.

His story can be read on my personal blog and is a tale of coincidences and lucky finds that has connected him to his maternal grandmother's family, all previously unknown to him, and had identified his potential biological paternal grandfather's family.
However the doubt still existed that he didn't really know if his father's surname by usage from his (step) father, was indeed his biological surname, his grandparents having married in the year following his father's birth.

The price reduction was enough for him to decide that he would begin the journey.
He was cautioned that at 12 markers it was more likely that he would get a number of matches from a variety of surnames, and that it really was only the start of the process, unlikely to be at all definitive.

The Y-DNA12 results arrived today.
How many matches - one.
Surname - his.
Most distant ancestor - the same as that identified in the research of his assumed step-grandfather.

I'm not sure I want to suggest further testing and see this match fade away as the markers increase!

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