Monday, 24 June 2013

More tidy up

The DNA Surnames site tidy up continues.
This time the Haplogroup side of the site had some overdue attention.

The menu structure has changed slightly in that there are now submenus for the project and haplogroup menus.

The main content change was to expand the haplogroup trees to (sometimes) include the known Patriarch (Y-DNA) or Matriarch (mtDNA) as well as the testee, and to give some haplogroups a separate tree of their own (I and R).

Also a probably vain attempt at getting some of the haplogroup names up to current terminology, using the ISOGG trees as the 'master', and referring to them using their terminal SNP name (eg L21) rather than their branch name (eg R1b1a2a1a1b4).

A few more notes have been included against one or two of the haplogroups, particularly where the names have changed over the years, eg  L21 which 23andme still call R1b1b2a1a2f.
It is unlikely that this tree will ever be completely up to date which such changes, but the branching should give an indication of who shares which branch.
Those listed are only those who belong to projects  shown in the Lineages section of the site.

Please report any broken links using the contact details in the footer of most pages, some are bound to have escaped notice.

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