Wednesday 26 November 2014

Holiday sale time for DNA kits

FamilyTreeDNA have provided Group Administrators with an announcement of a set of discounts valid until the end of December, along with mystery rewards.
Great time to explore family relationships using FamilyFinder, or chase those theories about whether or not those "three brothers who emigrated" were really brothers by using y_DNA.

Go to, check that the sale prices below are shown, select your test, order and join in the wonderful fun of adding science to your genealogy.

Dear Group Administrators,
We're excited to announce the launch of our 2014 Holiday sale!  The promotion will start on November 25 (it may not be live on the site yet if you're reading this before noon Central Time) and end on December 31st @ 11:59PM Central Time.
You'll find a full list of the sale prices below. And because we're in such a festive mood, we're adding a special treat to this year's great deals - Mystery Reward discounts!  The Mystery Reward will be a randomized discount (up to $100 off) that can be applied on top of the already reduced Holiday Sale prices. Best of all, you’ll get a new Mystery Reward every week. You can use the discounts or share them with friends!

The Mystery Reward icon will appear on testers’ myFTDNA dashboard each week. Each code will expire the night before the next Mystery Reward appears. We’ll also send an email notification to the kit’s primary email address when a new code is available for use or sharing.

The Mystery Rewards include both product-specific and total-purchase discounts ranging from $5 - $100 (including one for $49 off a Family Finder!) and are randomly assigned to each kit. That means not everyone gets the same reward at the same time. When you open the Mystery Reward, you’ll see a code to be used at checkout, whether it’s on your own kit or someone else’s.

In addition, all customers who have purchased the Big Y test will receive a $50 off coupon for a Big Y test, good through Dec. 31st.
Note: Only one coupon can be used per purchase.

Finally, remember that the FTDNA offices are closed the Friday after Thanksgiving. If you call and leave a message, it’s critical that you speak clearly. Please be sure to leave your contact phone number and/or email address, and the group or kit number about which you’re calling.  As always, if an attempt is made during the sale period to contact us about a purchase, we will honor the sale price - and in this case, the coupon price, too.


Whoops!  Looks like we forgot to include the actual sale prices in the previous email!  They are now included below. 
Also, remember that the Mystery Rewards will randomly applied.  That means that some females might get discounts for Y-DNA tests or Big Y tests. That's intentional!  In the spirit of the holidays, we want to people to share and exchange their Mystery Rewards.

P.S. The sale is almost live! It will start in a few hours.

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