Thursday, 5 May 2016


DNASurnames has had a bit of an update for haplogroup/Terminal SNP R-S7361.
Those interested in the ancestry of the mysterious Archibald HENDERSON may care to check it out.

We have been contacted by another person stuck in R-S7361 as his terminal SNP.
With no Y-DNA67 match, and an estimated time to Most Recent Common Ancestor for this SNP of 1050 years before present we wont be finding the papertrail in a hurry, but it is nice to know that Archibald is no longer alone (apart from the anonymous Human Genomes project contributor listed on YFull)

So somewhere around 960 AD, Archibald HENDERSON's ancestors met Duncan McILLECHONNEL's (present day McWHANNELL, earliest record of surname in 1488 as Gaelic, Mac Gille Chonaill)

The HENDERSON DNA subset analysed on the Lineages section of DNASurnames has also had a tweak or two to incorporate some of the information available from the subsequent YFull analysis of the BigY test undertaken.

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