Friday 30 March 2018

Can you get double doses of steroids?

Further to my DNA on Steroids post below MyHeritage are continuing to roll out improvements to their offerings, not only for DNA but also, FINALLY, a pedigree view of their family tree which is has been a major shortcoming of the site for years.
A pedigree view for the DNA shared matches has been available for a while, but not for the overall tree.
It is being gradually rolled out so not everyone can see it as yet.

On the DNA front:
explains the latest improvements to the One to Many Chromosome browser, and the new indicator visible when you are looking at a match and seeing who else they also share DNA with.

This all being on top of some tweaks to the navigation on the still rather unwieldy match lists *
that allow you to jump to specific pages, increase the number of matches per page.

* which are able to be filtered and sorted by a useful range of criteria, eg filter for "has family tree" although this will still include those with only one person in their tree. MyHeritage developers have reported in Facebook comments that they are working on that - particularly those where a test is ordered, and the tree developed, separately, without the person realising they can go back to Manage DNA kits and reassign a kit to the person who is now both in the tree, and "floating" unconnected.

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