Sunday, 2 September 2018

Revised Haplogroup tree etc

Although the haplogroup trees (only R and I) on DNASurnames is a highly selective extract of branches that are of particular interest for the surnames and kits I monitor, I do try to keep it relevant - not always in a timely fashion.

The tree has now been updated.

Other general updates include:
  • additions to most of the Surname Project pages to include a link to WikiTree for any yDNA tests recorded there for each surname, which also includes their ancestors as propagated via the WikiTree DNA "smarts"  .
    If you are comfortable recording that you have DNA tested on a collaborative public tree, do consider WikiTree.
  • a note against all the now obsolete links to WorldFamiliesNetwork project pages
Surname/haplogroup specific updates of note:
  • R-S7361 and it's hierarchy has had a few branches added between it and R-S691 in preparation for a new project that has been requested on FamilyTreeDNA  that for R-BY3127 (BigTree link: which may be of interest to Henderson, McWhannell, Anderson, Alexander and several other surnames
  • The Andrews tested line tracked back to 1679 West Buckland, Somerset, England has jumped down the I1 haplogroup tree from I-BY15565 (some 4000 years ago) to I-Y28228 (some 700 years ago) as there is now a BigY match - with an earliest known ancestor John Taylor, b 1795 Virginia-Indiana
  • The Wight line from Bowden, Roxburghshire has been advanced down the R1b tree to  R-BY31019, with no matches even back up to ZZ12_1; On Big Tree at

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