Friday 18 December 2015

Still shopping?

Looking for a last minute Christmas present?
The FamilyTreeDNA sale is still on  - until the end of December.
Check out the Wanted! pages on DNASurnames for your surname if you are a male and see if you can contribute your Y-DNA to advance the project's knowledge of how lineages inter-relate (or not).
Please consider at least Y-DNA37, but preferably Y-DNA67, to be of most use.

Don't forget that everyone, male or female, can contribute to dna projects and advance their family tree by using FamilyFinder, the autosomal DNA you have all inherited from both parents, and they theirs in turn. It can be a bit of a lottery if trying to prove a specific distant ancestor, but great fun.

Keep an eye on this spreadsheet
 for  coupon codes for additional $ off over and above the discounted prices.
New coupons are being issued weekly on Mondays.

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