Tuesday, 1 March 2016


DNASurnames has been refreshed.

Main changes:
- any place names mentioned in a person's page should now have a dinky little icon after the place to take you to either Google Maps (all places) or OpenStreetView (those with lat/long only).
How accurate such links may be is open to exploration!

- a few additions to/refinements to placings on the Haplogroup Trees as people get results back from SNP or  BigY testing, including subsequent YFull analysis

- another RUNCIMAN BigY result in (exact match to our first result, sharing 245 novel variants with his GD4 Y-STR match). One day the I-Z60* section will be analyzed further and have sub branches.

- ROWE pages revamped a tad to remove data more aptly viewed (and more easily updated) on the Summary WorldFamilyNetwork pages and to remove analyses done back in 2007/8 that are no longer relevant

- HENDERSON FamilyFinder data updated to include (some of) the results from the known descendants of Archibald & Margaret (McEWAN) HENDERSON using the wonderful new tool on GEDMatch.com - Shared Segment Traceability *.
If you haven't yet uploaded your atDNA raw data file(s) to GEDMatch.com, please consider doing so. It's a great site.

Ancestry test takers in particular may find this cartoon instructive:
And anyone concerned about privacy may be reassured by reading this:

* sneak preview, see the HENDERSON page for the key, I just felt like sharing the pretty picture here :)

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