Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Haplogroup R1 tree

Chromo 2 results received for a descendant of Archibald HENDERSON have allowed a few more branches to be added to the Haplogroup R1 tree (which is by no means complete, only showing those on the site who have agreed for the DNA results to be shown, and is using a mix of old and new terminology for the branches).

Many thanks to those on the FamilyTree DNA R-L21 project who analyse such things to help us place our ancestors on the overall trees.

So far we know that there is at least one other person on the same branch (terminal SNP concerned is S7361).
Even though this branch of the Y-tree is still (presumably) well back from genealogical timeframes it would be good to hear from others down the same branch of L1335 > L1065>S744>S691>S7361 to compare notes on our respective ancestry.

If all this terminology is bewildering, check out the ISOGG Wiki, and join an appropriate message board or mailing list, eg the RootsWeb Genealogy-DNA list

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