Friday, 28 March 2014

mtDNA 4 day sale

Family Tree DNA have announced the following:


mtDNAFullSequence Addon and New Kits - Was $199 US Now $139 US
mtHVR1toMEGA Upgrade - Was $149 US Now $99 US
mtHVR2toMEGA Upgrade - Was $159 US Now $89 US

Orders need to be placed and paid for before 11:59 PM Central Time April 1, 2014.

To order an upgrade to an existing kit, log into your account at FamilyTreeDNA.
If not already tested at FamilyTreeDNA, simply order a new kit.

If you have a specific problem able to be solved by testing two matrilineal descendants, now is the time to be in.
Alternately you may simply be interested in your deep maternal ancestry, thousands of years ago, or wish to contribute to the overall knowledge of womankind.
For general genealogical timeframes however, mtDNA isn't all that useful unless you have a full sequence match and a good maternal line papertrail.

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