Saturday, 29 March 2014

Two new Australian Projects

From Gail Riddell (via NZDNA project and Rootsweb Genealogy-DNA list):
"I write to advise (with much pleasure) that FTDNA have given their approval to me to pioneer two new Australian Projects.

They are both categorised as Dual Y DNA and mtDNA Geographical projects and the only person currently within either of them is me.  :~)

Consequently, I need to broadcast this far and wide as I am aware we have many Australian testers within our ranks.  (Even if you have ONLY tested atDNA (Family Finder) to date, it matters not.  Just join.

The "Australian Convicts" project is primarily aimed at those poor sods (male and female) who faced the tribulations of that unknown sea journey in the late 18th century.  It will also welcome those who were later transferred to Norfolk Island.

The "Australian Settlers" project is aimed at anyone whoever entered the land as a settler or traversed the rigours of the Convict status and became bone fide settlers.

If you are interested in joining, the Convicts project is at
The Settlers Project is at
Very little in the way of blurb has been prepared at this time, although it will come. 

If you join, you will need to supply me with either the Fleet and the ship on which your ancestor(s) arrived (for the former) and the port(s) of arrival of your most distant Australian immigrants (both direct male lineage and direct female lineage).  If you have only tested atDNA (FF), then that information is unnecessary. 

If you do NOT know on which ship your convict ancestor arrived, please do NOT join the Convict project and opt only for the Australian Settlers project.

Kind regards
Gail Riddell"

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